Tiffany looking at Taeyeon while singing K.WIll’s I Need You 

+TaeNy;  +Taeyeon;  +Tiffany;  +SNSD;  +TTS;  +Gifset;  

+f(x);  +Victoria;  +Gifset;  

+SNSD;  +TTS;  +Tiffany;  +Taeyeon;  +SeoHyun;  +Gifset;  

+Shinhwa;  +Lee MinWoo;  +Gifset;  

+Shinhwa;  +Lee Minwoo;  +Gifset;  

+SNSD;  +Tiffany;  +Gifset;  


Taeyeon stop Jeti from wiping their sweats as they supposed to give the shirts to their fans and embarrassed Sica

+SNSD;  +Taeyeon;  +Jessica;  +Tiffany;  +Gifset;  

Make Me Choose ▹▹ SM Entertainment or YG Entertainment
asked by anonymous
+SM Entertainment;  +BoA;  +TVXQ;  +Super Junior;  +SNSD;  +SHINee;  +f(x);  +EXO;  +Red Velvet;  +Gifset;  


nomnom (✿◠‿◠)

+MinWoo;  +Shinhwa;  +Gifset;  

"if you’re still girls’ generation in the next lifetime, i will still be a sone." 

happy 7th anniversary, ot9♡ 

+SNSD;  +Gifset;  +7th Anniversary;  +OT9;