white soshi vs dark soshi

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*Fans* Saranghaeyo.

It may be a special day for all of you, but for me, today is very special…because my mother who gave birth to me is here. At the last concert, I said that there was no one who cheered for me when I first wanted to become a singer, but there was one person, my mother. She was a little disappointed by what I said that time…I shouldn’t cry…

And my dance buddies are here too who helped my dreams come true. And my dear friends who would encourage me every time I fail from auditions…are here too.

Lastly, I’m not good at saying this, but our lovely Inspirits. It is a very special day because I can sing and dance in front of you with the Infinite members. I was asking myself after the first concert “What would I do if I can’t perform anymore? If I grow old and can’t go on stage?”…I think it would be pretty unbearable. I invite you all to the journey together until the end. That way we will sing and dance our best. Thank you.

Lee Howon 

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J & K   C o v e r   G i r l s
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I’m closing my eyes again, into that dream again
Into an endless dream I’ll never wake up from again…
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e t e r n i t y  (trans.)

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jessica the pink princess

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B.A.P music videos 2012-2014
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Don’t even let a second go

No, I won’t let you go I’ll take in all the little things now

You love me, right?

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